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In Christ Ministries - Derek and Joanna Rich
Derek & Joanna Rich

On June 24, 2016, Joanna and I were married, knowing the Lord had called us to missions ministry. Within the first few months of marriage, we sensed so strongly the desire to make known who the lost can become “in Christ” and who believers are “in Christ.” Gripped with the truth of 2 Corinthians chapter 5, we found the dual reality of “Christ in (us)” and “(us) in Christ” to be transformational for anyone who believes the implications for their practical life. (Gal 2:20) Our prayer, as stated in the mission statement, is to be “motivated by His love to manifest His life.” By God’s grace, we are growing in how to declare and demonstrate both the purity and power of Christ. We are zealous for the morality and the miraculous nature of the Gospel. (Mk 2:9)  “The faith once delivered to the saints” by “the Author and Finisher” is not preserved by coincidence or accident, rather we must “earnestly contend” for it. (Jude 3)

While the Lord continues to open ministry opportunities, still our primary involvement is in Panama with River of Life Holiness Missions. We desire to edify the 23 River of Life churches throughout Panama and evangelize new areas.

Since our first stay after language school in 2018, we have averaged around 5-6 months of the year in Panamá. Three months being the most per stay, since we do not yet have residency.

We also have been given an open door in Anchorage, Alaska to help with Hope for the Home Ministries, which primarily serves the homeless community. What an eternally rewarding joy to see people born again, healed, delivered, baptized with the Holy Ghost, consecrated to God, discipled, etc by the ongoing ministry of Christ through His Body, the Church! Jesus believes we have an advantage of hosting the Holy Ghost that is greater than Him staying here in person! (Jn 16:7) Let’s believe it together!