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Panama - Partner with us - In Christ Ministries

River of Life Holiness Missions in Panama

  • We will be serving alongside the native pastors among the 23 established churches.
  • We desire to edify the churches and evangelize new areas with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • We will be helping with conferences, camps, and other special meetings. As well as special work projects and ministry training.
Panama - Partner with us - In Christ Ministries
Panama - Partner with us - In Christ Ministries


God used Rev. Don Rich to establish 22 churches across the country of Panama, many being in rural areas with little to no modern conveniences. Each of these churches needs to be maintained and furthered. We are thankful for the growth that most of our churches have experienced even during and after Covid. Hence, one of the most common needs is simply that of chairs! If God touches your heart to help out with any of these specific needs, please let us know. We will be happy to direct the funds to where you desire specifically.

*Important Note: As you can imagine, when approached consistently by churches with needs, we desire the Lord’s help to correctly prioritize while not showing preference. We would appreciate your prayers for wisdom. The following needs below are not listed entirely in an order of priority or urgency. (Some are obvious.) The listed amounts are approximate and conservative, as we always seek the most cost effective solutions. Whereas the unlisted costs are either yet to be calculated or to be announced. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us personally. On behalf of our Panama family in Christ, Thank you!


  • new generator for church — $500 

Santa Fe

  • restructuring of the wall behind the platform which is totally disconnected from the floor/foundation, cracked/split — TBA (to be announced)
  • construction of a septic tank and new bathrooms with toilets and showers — TBA


  • 60 chairs – $15 per chair ($900 total)

La Puente

  • electricity reinstalled — TBA
  • plumbing and water for newly constructed bathroom — TBA


  • new amplified speaker — $300


  • paint — TBA
  • run new electric wires — TBA
  • patch roof leaks — TBA

Orange Hill

  • materials for new fence — $950

Parara Puru

  • generator 5000 voltage — $500


  • pastor house – $3000

La Nicora

  • a “tumba” (like a bongo drum) — TBA
  • sound equipment – $400


  • 100 chairs ($1500 pastor’s quotation) 


  • new kitchen beside the church (approx. $1000)

New Church in Chilibri

  • materials to complete church and kitchen for kids program — TBA
  • sound equipment – $400